Episode 25 - Too Quiet

We're back after our week-long hiatus. And we wish we could say we're better than ever, but this episode of the KWG Podcast is too damn quiet. Seriously, we need to give the boys some caffeine or some kind of stimulant next time because they are way too low energy to be recording in this episode. We apologize if this is difficult to listen to, but we promise to do better next time. Struggle to hear as the boys talk about Julian's troubles, muffinfilms.com and other old internet things, Ef's cocaine habit, the old indestructible Nokia phones, Ef's aversion to water, game instruction manuals, Julian's awesome brother Jordan, Ef finally finishing The Stick of Truth, and Julian's experiences in Stardew Valley, and of course a new Hypothetical Question of the Week with Manny Mo! We hope you enjoy!

This week's break is another Just a Joke...we promise to come up with different stuff eventually.

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